Armenia is the first country in the world to adopt Christianity in 301. Located in the South Caucasus, Armenia has borders with Georgia to the north, Iran to the south, with Azerbaijan to the east and with Turkey to the west.  The territory of present-day Armenia is 29800 square kilometers. Armenia is located on average at a height 1800 m above sea level. The highest point is Mount Aragats (4090m), and the lowest point is the gorge of the Debet River (400m). The capital of Armenia is Yerevan. According to the census of 2003, the population of Armenia is about 3,2 million people, of which 1,1 million live in the capi


The system of government

The President of the Republic is the head of state and is elected for a term of 7 years without the right of re-election. Armen Sargsyan was elected by the Parliament of Armenia in 2018 and has been the President of Armenia until today. The highest legislative body of Armenia is the National Assembly, elected a by popular vote for a term of 5 years.  The head of the executive branch is the head of the Government, represented by the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister is appointed by the President of Armenia by the vote of the National Assembly. Nikol Pashinyan was appointed as a Prime Minister in 2018 and has led the government until today.


Armenia has dry and continental climate. Summer is hot, the temperature hesitates from +25oC to +36oC. In winter the climate is mild, the temperature hesitates from -15oC to +10oC. The most perfect seasons to visit Armenia are spring and autumn. During these periods the temperature hesitates from +15o C to +25oC.


The Armenian “dram” is the national currency of Armenia. There are paper banknotes in denominations 10.000, 20.000, 50.000 and 100.000 drams and coins as well in denominations 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 and 500 drams. Currency can be exchanged both in banks and exchange points, which are many throughout the country. 

- Holidays and memorial days -
Christmas   Army Day   International Women's Day   The day of beauty, maternity and love

Easter   The Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day   Labor Day   Victory Day

Day of First Republic of Armenia   International Day for Protection of Children   Constitution Day   Vardavar
Independence Day   Yerevan Day   Day of Remembrance for Earthquake Victims   New Year

- Festivals -
Areni Wine Festival   Barbecue Festival   Gata Festival   Jazz Day in Yerevan

Mulberry Festival   Tolma Festival   Yerevan Wine Days    

- Media -
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